Musilia Cases

Umberto Clerici uses a Musilia case for his Testore cello

Umberto Clerici is Cello Lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Sydney University) and in the summer at the Salzburg Mozarteum University. In 2014 Umberto was appointed as Principal Cello of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, based in the Sydney Opera House. Umberto plays a cello by Carlo Antonio Testore, made in Milan in 1758 and protects his valuable instrument with a Musilia case.

Musilia cello cases and Umbert Clerici Musilia cello cases and Umbert Clerici

Musilia violin and cello cases are now available in Australia exclusively through KG Instruments.

The cases utilise an innovative construction technology that produces a durable case that is not only extremely light weight and attractive but also well-designed and functional.

The unique carrying system allows the user to choose a range of carrying options from a simple strap to a complete backpack that incorporates comfortable back padding and a music holder (the backpack attachment is an optional accessory).

» Download the Musilia strap configuration instructions (pdf)

The internal padding can also be customised to suit individual cellos – either by turning a reciprocal two-way screw to provide base support or by moving velcro-attached interior cushions.

Musilia cello cases are available in a variety of weights, colours and sizes as follows:

S1 Series (MCC S1)

weight 3.7 kg (7.8 lbs)
internal dimensions 1330 mm (52¼”), 380 mm (14½”), 470 mm (18½”)

S2 Series (MCC S2)

weight 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
internal dimensions 1330 mm (52¼”), 380 mm (14½”), 470 mm (18½”)

S3 Series (MCC S3)
weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
internal dimensions 1330 mm (52¼”), 380 mm (14½”), 470 mm (18½”)

M5 Series (MCC M)
weight 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)
internal dimensions 1330 mm (52¼”), 410 mm (16″), 505 mm (20″)
suitable for larger cellos such as the Montagnana model

The following images show the S2 (blue) and the S1 (red) cases that are now in stock. Please click on the images to enlarge:

Musilia cello cases - MSS S1 and MCC S2Musilia cello cases - MCC S2

Musilia cello cases - MCC S2, detail of interior suspension systemMusilia cello cases - MCC S1, detail of strap attachmentsMusilia cello cases - MCC S1, detail of strap attachments

The S3 model is available in a black braided finish as shown below:

Musilia cello cases - S3 Musilia caseMusilia cello cases - S3 Musilia case - detail of finish

Musilia case demonstrations and reviews

Strings Magazine recently chose Musilia cello cases as one of their Top Ten new products…

Read what they had to say…

“Looking for an ultralight cello case with strength, durability, and the ability to accommodate a seated cellist’s posture needs?

Musilia’s new carbon-fiber cello cases were designed by a professional cellist from a family of cellists, and seem to have addressed all the familiar issues: weight, safety, nonstandard dimensions, ease of carrying, and even the irritating noise of rattling hardware.

The no-frills interior sports a unique suspension system that adjusts easily to fit any full- or near-full-sized instrument. A foam block at the upper end holds the cello button firmly in place with the neck suspended in air. A cross bar keeps the case rigid at the neck. The lower bouts are suspended on foam pads mounted on carbon-fiber springs, each adjustable by a two-way screw for a custom fit.

The case holds two bows. Latches, handles, and simplified strap hardware are all designed to reduce noise. A classy touch.

Since so many accidents involve torn straps or the hardware used to secure them, Musilia has devised a system with a single nylon strap and simple plastic strap adjusters. Several smooth-edged strap-holder inserts are inset into the case to reduce snagging, and reinforced with layers of carbon fiber for strength. The strap can be rigged in various backpack or over- the-shoulder configurations to suit the player.

It comes with high-quality shoulder pads and even a wedge-shaped back cushion.”

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