KG Instruments can supply a variety of bows for violin, violas, cello and double basses, ranging from basic student models to high quality pernambuco silver- and gold-mounted bows.

We have also recently obtained some fine bows from Archet, a bow making workshop located in Japan. For more details and photographs please see our page on Archet bows.

Some of the standard range of KG bows are shown below:

Violin bows VLB001 and VLB002:

VLB001 - violin bow VLB002 - violin bow

Violin bows VLB003 and VLB003B:

VLB003 - violin bow VLB003B - violin bow

Viola bows VAB001 and VAB002:

VAB001 - viola bow VAB002 - viola bow

Viola bows VAB003 and VAB003B:

VAB003 - viola bow VAB003B - viola bow

Cello bows VCB001 and VCB002:

VCB001 - cello bow VCB002 - cello bow

Cello bows VCB003, VCB003B and VCB003C:

VCB003 - cello bow VCB003B - cello bow

VCB003C - cello bow

Double bass bows DBB002 (French and German):

DBB002 - double bass bow (French) DBB002 - double bass bow (German)

Double bass bows DBB003 (French and German):

DBB003 - double bass bow (French) DBB003 - double bass bow (German)

Double bass bows DBB003B (French and German):

DBB003B - double bass bow (French) DBB003B - double bass bow (German)

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