About KG Instruments

KG Instruments International* is an Australian company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of orchestral stringed instruments, bows, accessories and tools. It has been catering to both Australian and overseas markets for more than two decades and in that time has gained a very high reputation – not only for the superior quality of the product range, but also for prompt and friendly service.

KG produce a wide range of instruments, from fractional sizes for young beginners up to the top grade master works, suitable for a soloist on the concert stage. All instruments are produced by highly skilled craftsmen who have been trained with traditional European methods. A large stock of seasoned tonewood enables KG to make their instruments to a uniformly high standard, while still maintaining a reliable supply.

The expertise of the KG staff and advisors covers both classical musicians and professional violin makers, a combination that ensures instruments have been optimised for setup and playability, as well as stability and longevity. Over the years KG has also received a high level of feedback and technical support from their customers, many of whom are leading violin makers both domestically and overseas.

This willingness to continually develop and improve, combined with a constant attention to detail, means that the KG product range now stands out as the best value-for-money stringed instruments on the market today.

* KG Instruments International is the business name of JQ Tradelink Services Pty Ltd and is located in Sydney, Australia.

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