The top grade cellos are the #500 series which are handcrafted by our most experienced makers, using the best possible seasoned tonewood. Particular attention is paid to the graduation of the plates and these cellos produce a very powerful and rich tone making them an ideal solo instrument.

These cellos are available in a Stradivari, Guarneri or Montagnana model. They are coated with a traditional, cooked oil varnish (made personally in small batches by KG) and finished in an antiqued style that may vary in appearance slightly from one instrument to the next.

KG Cellos - VC500A

A new model cello is now available based on a 1717 instrument by Rogeri. This cello has a slightly shorter body length than the Stradivari model, although the upper and middle bouts are slightly broader. The dimensions are: length 733 mm, upper bouts 353 mm, middle bouts 250 mm, lower bouts 436 mm.

KG Cellos - VC500R

All #500 cello models can also be supplied made with European tonewoods.

The #400 cellos are also handcrafted instruments made by our most experienced makers with the same attention to detail as the #500 series. While the very best timber is reserved for the #500 cellos, all of the instruments in the #400 range use tonewoods that have been carefully selected for superior tonal qualities and appearance.

The #400 cellos are finished with our hand-made oil varnish in an antiqued style and are available in a Stradivari or Montagnana model (full size instruments) or a Guadagnini (7/8 size).

KG Cellos - VC400M

These models are also available made using European tonewoods.

KG Cellos - VC400E

Cellos in the #300 range are fully handcrafted – the spruce fronts have a very even grain, while the back, sides and neck are well-flamed maple. Four models are available – all have a hand-brushed oil varnish with a lightly antiqued finish. These instruments are ideally suited for the advanced student.

There are two full-size options, a Stradivari model (VC300S) and a Montagnana model.

KG Cellos - VC300S

KG also offer two smaller #300 cellos – a 7/8 size Guadagnini and a 3/4 Stradivari.

KG Cellos - VC300-7/8

The #200 cellos also come in both a Stradivari model and a Montagnana model, as well as a 7/8 Guadagnini and a 3/4 Stradivari. The maple used in their construction is nicely flamed and the spruce has an even grain.

These instruments are coated in a lightly antiqued varnish and are suitable for intermediate students.

KG Cellos - VC200-7/8

The #100 model cello is a handcrafted instrument ideally suited to cater for the beginning player up to an intermediate standard. These are available in all sizes from 1/4 to full size (4/4).

KG cello - VC100

The #80 model is similar in construction to our #100 instruments, except the wood has some minor blemishes. This is our budget range and is available in sizes from 1/8 to full size (4/4)

KG Cellos - VC80

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