Violin making workshop gallery

The Violin Making Workshop

All KG Instruments are fully hand made in a small violin making workshop. The image gallery below shows some of the steps in the violin making process (click images to enlarge)

The main violin making workshop The main violin making workshop

Part of our extensive wood supply Part of our extensive wood supply

More seasoned wood ready for use More seasoned wood ready for use

Marking the outline onto blocks Marking the outline onto blocks

The rib structure is flattened The rib structure is flattened

Working on the outside arching Working on the outside arching

Carefully thicknessing a plate Carefully thicknessing a plate

Cutting the f holes Cutting the f holes

Inserting the purfling Inserting the purfling

Putting a a bevel onto the edgework Putting a bevel onto the edgework

Cutting a cello scroll Cutting a cello scroll

Finishing the pegbox on a violin Finishing the pegbox on a violin


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