Instrument and Bow Cases

KG Instruments have a variety of cases for violin, viola, cellos, double basses and bows.

We have recently become the sole distributor in Australia for MUSILIA, a company that makes a range of super light carbon-fibre cello cases. For more details please see our page on Musilia cases or you can contact us or visit to discuss the examples we now have in stock.

Some of the other standard products that are currently available are shown below:

Violin cases VLC001, VLC002, VLC003 and VLC004:

VLC001 - violin caseVLC002 - violin caseVLC003 - violin caseVLC004 - violin case

Violin cases VLC003A and VLC005:

VLC003A - violin caseVLC003A - lock and music pocketVLC005 - violin case

Violin case VLC007:

VLC007 - violin caseVLC007 - violin case

Violin case VLC008:

VLC008 - violin caseVLC008 - violin case

Violin case VLC009:

VLC009 - violin caseVLC009 - violin caseVLC009 - violin case

Double violin case (VLAC02) and dealer's case (DC01):

VLAC02 - double violin caseDC01 - closedDC01 - violin sectionDC01 - bow section

Viola cases VAC001, VAC002, VAC003 and VAC004:

VAC001 - viola caseVAC002 - viola caseVAC003 - viola caseVAC004 - viola case

Viola cases VAC003A and VAC005:

VAC003A - viola caseVAC003A - lock and music pocketVAC005 - viola caseVAC005 - detail of size adjustment

Viola case VAC005a:

VAC005a - viola caseVAC005a - viola case

Viola case VAC007:

VAC007 - viola caseVAC007 - viola caseVAC007 - viola case

... and also introducing HENIRY®, a whole new range of cases utilising a new foam material that combines light weight, high strength, high impact and temperature resistance, with an environmentally friendly construction that has been certified by Chinese, European and US environmental protection agencies.

All HENIRY® violin cases are available in a range of colours and styles, as shown below:

Heniry violin case - blackHeniry violin case - blue

Heniry violin case - brown with pocketHeniry violin case - dark check

Heniry violin case - greenHeniry violin case - light check

Heniry black violin case - openHeniry brown check violin case - open

Heniry black violin case - backHeniry brown check violin case - back

Heniry brown violin case with pocket - backHeniry light check violin case - back

Cello bags CB001, CB002 and CB003:

CB001 - soft cello bag (front)CB001 - soft cello bag (back)CB002 - soft cello case (front)CB002 - soft cello case (back)CB003 - soft cello case (front)CB003 - soft cello bag (back)

Cello cases VCC01C and VCC02:

VCC01C - cello case (front)VCC01C - cello case (side)VCC01C - cello case (open)

Double bass case DB03:

DB03 closedDB03 openDB03-lock

Bow cases BC01, BC01A, BVAC, BC02, BC01F, BC06, BV6, BC012 and BC24:

BC01 - single bow caseBC01A - single  bow case

BVAC - single violin/viola bow caseBC02 - double bow   caseBC01F - case for double bass bow

BC06 - case for  six bowsBV6 - case for 6 violin/viola bows

BC012 - case for 12 bowsBC24 - case for 24 bows